Zendar was a location found in early version of Mount and Blade up to version 0.950.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Zendar was neutral town introduced in version .202 (Warrider). It was originally located between the Kingdom of Swadia and the Kingdom of Vaegirs. In later versions, between the Kingdom of Nords and the Vaegirs. The player would begin the game in Zendar.

The town included the main square where most of the town's characters could be found, including the tutorial characters from whom the player could learn about capturing and selling prisoners, damage types, and of other locations like Four Ways Inn, Dhorak's Keep and Salt Mines. Aditionally, the town featured the only playable arena (in Warrider), 'the Happy Boar' tavern, a training dungeon accessible via dialogue with the combat trainer, and a goods store in later versions.

The player could recruit farmers from the tavern and could join tournaments and receive training from the local trainer. Zendar, being an independent statelet, had issues maintaining its independence from less diplomatic third parties such as the River Pirates and Sea Raiders. The townsmen often put bounties on the heads of the River Pirates, which the player could use as a source of experience and loot for themselves and company, as the weak player would not be able to fight higher tier armies with the basic trooper, the Farmer.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Calradian lore states that the town was razed to the ground by an army of Sea Raiders and the population dispersed. Famous Zendarians include: Stavros; Constable Hareck; the merchants Dunga and Rabugti; Quick Jimmy; Xerina; Dranton; Kradus; Count Arrasies; Ramun the slave trader; and the player, in the early versions.

Hear me people of Zendar, for this is the message of our town's lord and protector, Count Arrasies. As you know, river pirates have infested the vicinity of our town. These lawless villains devastate our realm, committing many crimes no short of pillage, robbery and murder. The mischief and suffering cause by these scums has become intolerable. Thus, our good count has found it necessary to call to arms his honest and law-abiding subjects against these murderous villains.

People of Zendar, our count invites you to serve him in this cause. Those of you that volunteer now will be equipped with arms and armor at the count's expense and shall be granted the right to hunt down river pirates, ending their miserable lives if you will, and keeping their ill-gotten belongings to yourselves without tax or tribute.

— Constable Hareck in Warrider


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While the actual town was removed, the spawn code for it still exists, even in latest version of Warband. If you use a party_template editor and check out the marker "disabled", Zendar will spawn like it was intended. However, this does not restore any of the location's functionality due to lack of coding, maps, and strings for actions. Dialog text will state, "You have entered the town of Zendar" but the player won't be able to enter. It is possible to fix these locations, but requires a large amount of time and knowledge of coding.
  • Zendar was not a normal town. Unlike other towns, you didn’t have to click any buttons to enter, just simply click the town. This was leftover from older versions' programming when all locations could be entered immediately instead of opening a menu.
  • In early versions of Mount&Blade, the player character was a native of Zendar.

References[edit | edit source]

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