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The Wolfskins are a minor faction based in Battania.

They are a society of young warriors who have left their clans to lead a life of violence and freedom in the wilderness. They live like wolves, eating raw flesh, not sleeping under any roof, not wearing woven cloth and they follow The Code of the Wolf.

Official Description[]

The Wolfskins are heirs to a long tradition in the Battanian lands wherein great warriors went "wildling" for part of their youth, learning the ways of the woods and how to suffer hardship. So long as a Wolfskin wears no sewn clothes, eats no cooked food, and sleeps under no roof, he is immune from the laws of man. In fact, the modern wolfskins tend to be the sons of wealthy families taking a few years to indulge their feral side, robbing travellers and living viciously and not necessarily hewing to the old code.


Col of the Wolfskins, Rhylan of the Wolfskins and Nal of the Wolfskins.

Troop Tree[]

Wolfskins Troops
Chevron-2.png Icon troop type bow.png Young Wolf
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type bow.png Seasoned Wolf
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type bow.png Chosen Wolf
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