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Wine is mainly used as a trade good, though it is also used in feasts where it will be served to nobles alongside ale.

In every game other than With Fire & Sword, it is not a food source and provides no bonus to morale. However, in With Fire & Sword, it provides the highest bonus, equaled only by beer.

Players can produce wine in Warband by buying a wine press with an initial cost of 5,000 denars. It will produce two units of wine from four units of grapes per week. the cost of upkeep is 60 denars per week, the average profit is 80 denars and the rate of return is 1.6%. Since grapes come in such small quantities and provide a small morale boost, producing wine is generally a much more profitable use for grapes.

Wine can be bought cheap in Sargoth, Tihr, Wercheg, Yalen, and Veluca. It can be sold for a profit in all of the towns initially owned by the Sarranid Sultanate, Shariz, Durquba, Ahmerrad, and Bariyye.

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