A Warhorse in classic Mount&Blade.

The War Horse is one of the heaviest horses in the game. It has a lot of armor and hit points, but it's slow and has one of the lowest maneuver stats as well, second only to the Sumpter Horse. There is little reason to use this horse unless you are short on money, as there are heavier (Charger) and more maneuverable (Steppe Charger) horses for only a slightly higher price and equal Riding requirements (4).

The Warhorse is actually a Hunter covered in chainmail armor.

In the original Mount&Blade, its name was written as "Warhorse". The name was changed to "War Horse" in Warband, and it received a slight redesign with more chainmail, darker fur and hooves, and a heavier build. The With Fire & Sword version was renamed back to "Warhorse", which despite the removal of its graphical armor, still maintains nearly identical stats.

This horse can be found in any town. As Swadian Men-at-Arms can potentially be found as deserters, the War Horse is one of the two armored horses (the other being the Steppe Charger) that can be found as loot without fighting a lord's or king's war party.


Horse Armor Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
War Horse
40 40 41 28 165 4 1224
WarhorseIcon b
40 39 41 28 165 4 1224