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The Kingdom of Vlandia is a kingdom in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. It is ruled by King Derthert, and occupies the western forests and coastal plains of the Calradian continent.

The Vlandian kingdom, named after the early warlord Wilund the Bold (Valandion, in Calradic), began as a large number of barbarian tribes, who migrated into former Battanian lands during the waning period of the Calradic Empire. The Empire was at war on all sides, so it offered these new barbarian tribes land grants in exchange for mercenary work. Unfortunately, this gave Vlandian nobility a taste for Empire lands, and they united under King Osric Iron-Arm to conquer the far west of the Empire and declare themselves an independent nation.

Militarily, the Vlandians are best known for their powerful, well-armoured heavy cavalry units who charge with couched lances. They also field well-trained crossbowmen, and their troops gain 20% more experience from each battle. They start with slightly more territory than the other factions, but are vulnerable to internal dissent.[1]

Vlandia is the predecessor to the Kingdoms of Swadia and Rhodoks in Mount&Blade: Warband.

In-game description[]

They came from overseas, mercenaries and adventurers, speaking the tongues of many lands, taking the empire's silver to guard the frontiers against the unsubdued tribes of the interior. They took their name from one of their first warlords, Wilund the Bold - Valandion, in Calradic - and became known as the Vlandians. Their heavy cavalry, second to none, ran down the Emperor's foes from the Aserai wastes to the distant steppes. But the empire never had as much silver as it needed, and treasury officials soon learned that it could pay its mercenaries with land grants and titles. This was perhaps not the most far-sighted of policies. The Vlandians settled, married, planted farms, and built fortresses. It was not difficult, during the recent interregnum, for Osric Iron-arm to declare himself king, independent in all but name. He seized the imperial capital of Baravenos and the lands along the coast, and that was how the west was lost to the empire.


The Vlandians originated overseas and came to Calradia as mercenaries and adventurers. They take their name from one of their first warlords Wilund the Bold (Calradic: Valandion). The Vlandians were employed by the Calradic Empire and paid in land grants and titles, predominately located along the western coast.

During a period of instability in the Empire, Osric Iron-arm declared himself king of Vlandia, leading to de facto independence. He in turn recognized his lieutenants as barons and counts, granting them suzerainty over their lands in exchange for rallying to his banner in war. Some Vlandian kings have sought to expand the powers of the kingship; others have allowed the barons to feud amonst themselves so long as the money and manpower is there when needed.


King Derthert


Initial ruler



  • Powerful lancer cavalry available from both common branch and the noble troop tree
  • Dedicated branch of crossbowmen provides early access to well-equipped and powerful ranged troops
  • All infantry options include access to polearms, reducing vulnerability to enemy cavalry
  • Economically balanced and densely settled home region


  • Complete lack of horse archers
  • Light Cavalry troops are particularly fragile and can therefore be a source of high attrition, including the mounts unless carefully deployed and managed. It is recommended to take special care so they may survive long enough to upgrade to Vanguards.
  • Relying completely on crossbows instead of bow archers reduces effectiveness against numerous infantry
  • Some troops lack alternative equipment options like throwing weapons despite having room for them
  • Mounts native to their home territory (Saddle Horse, Vlandian Courser) are costly compared to other cultures, even when supply is plentiful. Several Vlandian towns are chronically short on mounts.


8 cities, 8 castles, 36 villages, this faction has the largest number of controlled areas. Main products: olives (the main producer), iron (1/6 of all deposits), grain, fish, sheep, pigs, grapes (a little of all this).


Vlandian forces pack a powerful one-two punch delivered by their crossbowmen and heavy cavalry charge. Since Vlandian troop lines have access to lancers by both the common troop tree and the noble recruits, they always have access to either elite or regular lancers. However, in Vlandian lands, there is only a single horse farm in the south, meaning that Vlandian barons and mercenaries probably need to travel to other lands to replenish their supply of war horses. Fortunately, their chosen mounts are of sturdy stock and the knights' average speed and protection and long lances allow for relatively high survivability and reduced casualties.

Curiously, conventional military troops of Vlandia do not train in the use of bow and arrow. They rely exclusively on infantry crossbowmen, which reduces their mobility (as opposed to horse archers) and capability of continuous rain of fire, but allows for powerful, synchronized volley fire to be used against enemy lines. Vlandian crossbowmen are also available very early and higher tier variants can possess large shields to protect themselves in close combat. Together with their billmen (which are effective against shields), sergeants and voulgiers (who all possess polearms and backup weapons), Vlandian defensive formations can be a tough nut to crack – but they may be unable to act decisively if their heavy cavalry support or crossbow fire is disrupted by horse archers or other multi-pronged attacks.

Troop tree[]

Vlandia icon.png Vlandia Troops
Chevron-1.png Icon troop type infantry.png Recruit
Chevron-2.png Icon troop type bow.png Levy Crossbowman Icon troop type infantry.png Footman Icon troop type cavalry big.png Squire
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type bow.png Crossbowman Icon troop type infantry.png Spearman Icon troop type infantry.png Infantry Icon troop type cavalry big.png Gallant
Chevron-4.png Icon troop type bow.png Hardened Crossbowman Icon troop type infantry.png Billman Icon troop type cavalry big.png Light Cavalry Icon troop type infantry.png Swordsman Icon troop type cavalry big.png Knight
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type bow.png Sharpshooter Icon troop type infantry.png Voulgier Icon troop type infantry.png Pikeman Icon troop type cavalry big.png Vanguard Icon troop type infantry.png Sergeant Icon troop type cavalry big.png Champion
Chevron-6.png   Icon troop type cavalry big.png Banner Knight


Territory of Vlandia
CharasGalendJaculanOcs HallOsticanPravendRovaltSargot
Caleus CastleDrapand CastleHongard CastleOrmanfard CastleTalivel Castle
Tirby CastleUsanc CastleVerecsand Castle

Pravend and Ocs Hall are perhaps the old names of the cities of Praven and Uxkhal. Sargot is perhaps the old name of the city of Sargoth, initially owned by the Nords in Warband. Galend and Jaculan correspond to Yalen and Jelkala. And perhaps Charas corresponds to Shariz, occupied by the Sarranids by the time of Warband.


Clans of Vlandia
dey Merocdey Tihrdey Arromancdey Fortesdey Gunricdey Cortain
dey Valantdey Molarndey Jelinddey Folcundey Rothad

Minor factions[]

Company of the Golden Boar.png
Brotherhood of the Woods.png
The Company of the Golden Boar is a mercenary company and one of the minor factions within Vlandia. The Brotherhood of the Woods is a peasant rebel group that has since devolved into becoming brigands and bandits.


  • The inspiration of the Vlandians in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord comes from the Normans of Normandy (a region in northern France) who had viking roots from the great viking Rollo, the first ruler of Normandy.[1]
  • The chiefs of the Vlandian clans carry the title of baron.



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