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Vlandia in red
Faction Information
Ruler King Derthert
Claimant Unknown
Minor Factions Company of the Golden Boar
House of Arromanc

Vlandia is a faction in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord.

Background Edit

The Vlandians originated overseas and came to Calradia as mercenaries and adventurers. They take their name from one of their first warlords Wilund the Bold (Calradic: Valandion). The Vlandians were employed by the Empire and paid in land grants and titles, predominately located along the western coast.

During a period of instability in the Empire, Osrac Iron-arm declared himself king of Vlandia, leading to de facto independence.

At the start of Bannerlord, the Vlandians are ruled by King Derthert. They start with slightly more territory than the other factions, but are vulnerable to internal dissent..[1]

The inspiration of the Vlandians in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord comes from the Normans whom were people from Normandy in Northern France, and had viking roots from the great viking Rollo whom became the first ruler of Normandy.[1]

Vlandia later turns into the kingdom of Swadia as seen in Warband along with the Rhodoks rebeling and taking the southern half of Vlandia along with the Nords invading the northern parts and the Sarranids taking Charas. 

Official Description Edit

The Vlandian monarchy descends from Osric Iron-Arm, a warlord of seized the western coasts of the Empire and was recognized as king by the emperors as the price of peace. He in turn recognized his lieutenants as barons and counts, granting them suzerainty over their lands in exchange for rallying to his banner in war. Some Vlandian kings have sought to expand the powers of the kingship; others have allowed the barons to feud amonst themselves so long as the money and manpower is there when needed. 

Military Edit

Their specialization is in heavy cavalry wielding lances and swords.

Settlements Edit

The main settlements in Vlandia are Ostican, Sargot, Rovalt, PravendOks Hall, Galend, Jaculan, and Charas.

Pravend and Oks hall are perhaps the old names of the cities of Praven and Uxkhal. Sargot is perhaps the old name of the city of Sargoth, initially owned by the Nords in Warband. Galend and Jaculan correspond to Yalen and Jelkala. And perhaps Charas corresponds to Shariz, occupied by the Sarranids by the time of Warband.

Minor factions Edit

The Company of the Golden Boar is a mercenary company and one of the minor factions within Vlandia. Brotherhood of the Woods .

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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