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Village Elders can be found in every village where they are able to provide several services for the player.

Village Elder could be thought of as the Guild Masters of villages.

Although any villager can tell you where the Village Elder is through conversation, they do not actually give useful directions, merely stating he is "over there". This means you will have to look for him yourself. As they are always male, never walk around, and don't stand facing walls, just look for a man standing still with his back to a wall.

You can speak with the Village Elder concerning several topics:

  • Ask if you can help with any tasks
  • Request trade (can go to the trade window or buy cattle)
  • Inquire about enemies in the area
  • Recruit peasants
  • If an ally lord is imprisoned nearby, request that they start a fire as a distraction (not available in classic Mount&Blade)


The Village Elder can also "purchase" higher prosperity for the village with the money earned through trade. Each unit of prosperity costs 3000 denars, although the Village Elder will not buy the increase until he has at least 3500 on hand.