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Editing Reference[]

wikis can be characterized as a bunch of web pages with a powerful, but obscured database backend.

most editing/layout questions can be handled with either html or css.

Please note that wikis don't permit embedded style sheets so you're stuck with inline.


Learn about css:

tag reference (css2)

keep in mind there a bunch of wikimedia shortcuts for many html tags.

then there's templates:

Beyond that the only thing left is general wiki practices, less how-to and more when-to:

not all of it applies to wikia though so apply best judgement.

hmm neat![]

alternating radius corners

Interwiki links[]

listed benefits:

An interwiki link is a link to another wiki. This link is often to another Wikia wiki, but can be to any other wiki listed on the interwiki map. Interwiki links are shortcuts that prevents you needing to use the full URL, and will prevent links from breaking if a wiki later changes its address.