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Who am I?[]

My name is Eric Snowmane, but I am known more universally by my last name Snowmane. I am an editor at the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, where I am a Patroller and a few other vainity titles that I don't bother using. I came here after getting onto Mount and Blade by getting Warband, but the wikia isn't quite up to the same level of completemess as UESP, nor is it as cleanly written as it could be, so I am here to help out a bit, and hopefully I can learn a little more about Warband while I am at it. If I broke something, I apologize and you can leave a note on my talk page, and I will fix it as fast as I can.

Cassandra: My Warband Character[]

I wanted to use a female character, since I read that they are harder to use since the men are evidentally sexist. I am enjoying the game so far :)

With Cassandra, I want to eliminate the kingdom of Vaegirs, because they killed her mother. That is my main goal of my playthrough in order to give it some kind of goal.

Cassandra's full story can be found here.