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The tutorial plays when starting With Fire & Sword. It is mainly a tutorial and an introduction for the world of With Fire & Sword.


The player wanders through a Cossack village and stumble across a battlefield between Jaques de Clermont and his cuirassiers and brigands. The player aid the cuirassiers and defeat the brigands. After the battle, the player and Jaques talk about the lands and Jaques guide the player to a nearby village for quests.


The whole quest is mainly a tutorial, so if you are a beginner of the game, listen carefully. If you are familiar with Mount&Blade, just don't listen and push forward, just destroy the fence and kill some bad guys. Alternatively, you can skip the whole tutorial by pressing [Tab].

For the gun lock situation, if you have problem aiming, just go near to the lock and shoot or use your sword to slash. You also don't have to kill all the enemies by yourself since your allies will kill them easily. But you can earn experience points if you join in.


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