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Timber is a good introduced in Viking Conquest that is used for trade, fulfilling certain quests, building larger boats and upgrading your refuge. It is the heaviest good along with iron and stone.

Scarce amounts of timber can be found in towns all across the map, with lumber camps being the exception. In lumber camps, you can find 6 pallets of timber every day, for a cost close to that of its base value. Since there is a small number of lumber camps, however, it is difficult to amass a large quantity of timber and make a considerable profit off of selling it.

Abbots in monasteries may occasionally request you to bring them a certain number of pallets of timber, a quest which, when completed, gives you 1 extra point of relationship with Christians per pallet delivered.

When you want to upgrade your refuge, your captain will request you to retrieve 5 pallets of timber and 5 boxes of tools, along with a certain amount of Peningas for every new upgrade you wish to make.

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