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Unqid of the Banu Hulyan is the ruler of the Sultanate of the Aserai and the leader of the Banu Hulyan clan. He is initially the owner of Quyaz, Ain Baliq Castle, and Ain Baliq. He is one of the nobles who can talk about the Battle of Pendraic.


On Politics[]

Well. Let me put things this way...

The Banu Hulyan have never sought glory or domination. Where some see an enemy, we see only a trading partner who has gone astray. For that reason, we have tried to treat all others with fairness and respect.

For that reason, the clans have always brought their quarrels to us, to adjudicate. And it was natural that, when it came time for the Banu Asera to choose a sultan, that we were the ones chosen.

But it is wearisome to be a Sultan. The clans cling to their grievances as though they were children. It is not in men's nature to appreciate the fruits of peace and order. Rather, they brood over small injustices and perceived slights, and dream of shedding blood.

On the Battle of Pendraic[]

It was a tragedy that gnawed at the roots of all the great families of Calradia, even ours, so far away from the battle.

We heard that the Empire was making war on the Sturgians, or maybe it was the other way around. I thought that we had no stake in this quarrel but Nimr, a fiery young hero from the Bani Sarran, asked me for permission to take some young warriors, eager for glory.

The Empire had left us alone for a while, and Neretzes was offering silver for men, so I thought, "Why not? Let them help the Empire." Ah, I should have known. The best course with wars is to have as little to do with them as you possibly can.

So Nimr went, and fought, and won glory, but also got a number of men killed, especially those of the Bani Qild. And he became boastful, and arrogant. And then... Well, that is the beginning of the great feud between Sarranis and Qilds, but the rest of the story I should perhaps leave for someone else.

Offical Description[]

The current Sultan of Aserai is Unqid. He wears his authority lightly, preferring to charm rather than to coerce, always deferring to the laws of the Banu Asera in his judgments. But there are some who say that Udhain is remiss in his duty to administer justice, allowing the wealthiest clans - such as his own - to use bribes and clever legal arguement to oppress the others.

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Sultan Unqid Unknown