Steppe horse

The Steppe Horse is the most maneuverable horse in the original Mount&Blade, only surpassed in Warband by the Sarranid Horse.

Despite the high maneuver rating, the armor and hit points aren't particularly high and might make this choice less attractive. It is a fair choice for new players, as this horse is slightly hardier than a Saddle Horse as well as cheaper, while still being fast enough to couch a lance. The possibility to acquire it for free from the ever common Steppe Bandits also make it an early alternative to the Sumpter Horse.

Steppe horses share the same speed as most of the heavier horses and can help new players get accustomed to riding at the slower speed of more heavily armored mounts while being maneuverable enough to turn away from any charges that look like they won't succeed.

Steppe horses can be found in any of the towns owned by the Kingdom of Vaegirs or Khergit Khanate at the start of the game.


Horse Armor Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
Steppe Horse
10 40 51 8 120 2 192