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Skills are a concept in Bannerlord which control the different aspects of the player character and other troops.

Characters and Troops have a number of skills that grant various benefits and bonuses. Skills increase with practice. The rate of increase depends on the number of focus points invested in the skill. As the skills reach certain thresholds, various Perks will become available that grant additional special benefits.

currently the skills max at 1023 although it is impossible to reach the level other then cheating. skill cap with 10 attribute point and 5 focus point is 310.

List of skills[]

  • One Handed
  • Two Handed
  • Polearm
  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Throwing
  • Riding
  • Athletics
  • Crafting
  • Scouting
  • Tactics
  • Roguery
  • Charm
  • Leadership
  • Trade
  • Steward
  • Medicine
  • Engineering

Improving Skills[]


List of all currently working ways to increase skills:

Vigor One-handed
  • Doing damage with a one-handed weapon in actual combat only
  • Doing damage with a two-handed weapon in actual combat only
  • Doing damage with a polearm weapon in actual combat only
Control Bow
  • Doing damage with a bow in actual combat only
  • Doing damage with a crossbow in actual combat only
  • Doing damage with a throwing weapon in actual combat only
  • Increases a lot when throwing stones and pots of wildfire in a siege
Endurance Riding
  • Doing damage while mounted in actual combat
  • Moving on the map while mounted
  • Doing damage while on foot in actual combat
  • Moving on the map while on foot
  • All smithing actions
    • Refining
    • Smithing
    • Smelting
Cunning Scouting
  • Have the clan role "Scout" and move around on the map
  • Be a party leader and have no Scout while going through difficult terrains or spotting hideouts
  • Simulating battles
  • Win battles with bad odds
  • Run around with an army of several nobles
  • Send people to cover your retreat
  • To be confirmed: When you send out your troops
  • Raiding villages (seems to be broken)
  • Selling captured enemies at tavern
  • Breaking nobles out of prison
Social Charm
  • Release lords after battle
  • Help lords to win battles
  • Any relation improvement with lords seem to add charm XP
  • Any successful barter (Trading nothing does reward XP)
  • Assemble an army, and use it
  • Raise party morale (not simply maintain it)
  • Buy and sell goods according to their rumors
Intelligence Steward
  • Owning a town
  • Have the clan role "Quartermaster" and make sure your party is happy and paid.
    • High food diversity is a must
    • The check/increase happens at when you pay your troops each day
  • Have the clan role "Surgeon" and have wounded party members
  • Be a party leader and have no surgeon and wounded soldiers
  • Party members go down during combat (and you're the surgeon or no surgeon is assigned)
  • Build a siege camp

Faster Leveling Method[]

OneHanded: ???

TwoHanded: ???

Polearm: ???

Bow: Shoot enemies on horseback, ideally headshot from afar

Crossbow: Same as bow

Throwing: Same as bow

Riding: Use ranged weapons on horseback

Athletics: Participate in combat (battles, tournaments) while on foot.

Crafting: Smith things that's high DPS, crafting harpoon head javelin with mahogany (if you've learned it already) seems to be the most cost-effective. Completing Orders are also more effective than not, Two-Handed Sword Orders can give 5+ levels in a single craft.

Scouting: Spot hideouts or other parties on the world map. Travelling through forest seems to be effective. But, even then it's still too slow. It appears that once your scouting reach a medium high level (around 80-100?), the skill levels up pretty fast just by traveling around.

Tactics: Give useful orders on battle area.

Roguery: Pillage caravans and sneak the towns.


- Get into a faction/found a kingdom, and then vote for things, especially voting for a fief.

- Successfully barter with nobles, bartering is limited when the nobles is staying in town/castle

- When grinding smithing, you can sell your excess to nobility that you encounter on the map.

- Donate noble prisoners, the higher the prisoner's status, e.g. rulers or high tier clan leaders, the greater the relation/charm reward.

- Successfully convince nobles to join your side.

Leadership: Assemble army as large as you can and lead it(?)

Trade: Trade lots of goods. High profit = high XP. Especially Aserai Horses around Askar.

Steward: Assign governor or stay in your settlement.

Medicine: Assign yourself as a surgeon. If you have fief, recruit disposable soldiers, store all food in the fief stash, wait on the field to starve your army, after everyone is wounded, return to fief to recover food and health. Probably the best method, but still ultra grindy.

Engineering: Upgrade fiefs and build siege machines.