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Shibal Zumr is a village of the Sarranid Sultanate.


Shibal Zumr map.jpg
Pin Blue.png PlayerPin Green.png ElderPin Red.png Fugitive

The Village Elder is located in front of the tent to the right from where the player enters, standing between a campfire and some stools.

Shibal Zumr is built on a ridge beside a narrow valley that seems to be a dried riverbed, with a few palm trees close to the village. It has a total of seven structures as well as a tent. There is a date palm farm here with irrigation ditches and three wells with shadoofs to supply the water. Tufts of wheat also appear to randomly be growing alongside the palms. Next to the farm is a horse-driven mill with a Saddle Horse.

If sent here during a Hunt Down Fugitive quest, the target may be found next to a building on the opposite side of the village from where the player enters, near the origin of the dried riverbed.

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