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Shariz is the capital city of the Sarranid Sultanate. Its initial lord is Sultan Hakim.


Its villages are Ayn Assuadi, Dhibbain, Qalyut, Rushdigh, and Tilimsal.


Shariz map.jpg

Pin Yellow.png  Accessible area 
Pin Blue.png  Player
Pin Green.png  Guild Master
Pin Cyan.png  Keep
Pin Red.png  Dungeon
Pin Orange.png  Tavern
Pin Purple.png  Merchants
Pin Pink.png  Arena

The Guild Master for Shariz is located by selecting 'Take a walk around the streets'. The player can then either turn around and go left past the tavern, or go forward and up the stairs, turn right and then jump over the wall, falling down to him. Easily the most irritating Guild Master to find. A useful way to approach him is by simply exiting Shariz and re-entering, then immediately selecting 'Take a walk around the streets'. You will then be mounted on your horse. Enter through the gates, and take a sharp right turn and you will find him standing there.


Besieging Shariz requires the construction of ladders.


If you take part in a Tournament in Shariz, you will be given the standard equipment and one of the random equipment sets.

Standard equipment:

  • Horse, Arena Tunic, Arena Turban

Random equipment sets:

  • 4/13 - Lance & Shield
  • 3/13 - Sword & Shield
  • 3/13 - Heavy Sword
  • 3/13 - Javelins & Shield


Shariz produces:

Shariz buys Wine for between 270 and 300 denars. It sells Salt cheaply.


  • Shariz and Dhirim are often the two richest cities in Warband due to the amount of villages within their control.
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