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Save the Village is a quest given by the farmer who always located in the taverns. They can be randomly encountered when entering a random village.


A villager from (village) begged you to save their village from the bandits that took refuge there.


Every 72 hours, there is a 3% chance for a village to become infested by bandits. During this time, you may happen upon the infestation by entering the village, or discover a farmer in a nearby tavern asking for help. This quest may also be initiated by successfully training a peasant militia to defend themselves.

The village will be saved simply by wiping out all bandits. Their numbers will equal (your character level + 10) * 1.2

The villagers will also come to your aid, though they offer very little actual help. The number of farmers that spawn is random, between 25-29.

Once the infestation has been defeated, the villagers will offer you a reward which you can accept as just payment, or refuse on grounds that they "need it more than you" which will double the relation bonus. Note that if the village is exceptionally poor, such as having been very recently looted, there may not be anything available even if you choose to take the payment, effectively halving the relation you would have otherwise received.

If you are defeated in battle regardless whether your army able to defeat the enemy, the village will result in being looted, unable to access the village until it is rebuilt. You also earn a negative relation with the village for failing to save their village

Ignoring bandit infestations will result in a loss of -1 prosperity for that village.


Quest Briefing[]

"My lord, you look like a man of the sword and someone who could help us. Will you hear my plea?"

What is the matter, my good man? (Same Result)
What are you burbling about peasant? Speak out. (Same Result)
Farmer: "A band of brigands have taken refuge in our village. They take everything we have, force us to serve them, and do us much evil. If one of us so much as breathes a word of protest, they kill the poor soul on the spot tight away. Our lives have become unbearable. I risked my skin and ran away to find someone who can help us."
Player: "Why don't you go to the lord of your village? He should take care of the vermin."
Farmer: "I did, sir, but our lord's men did not let me see him and said he was occupied with more important matter and that we should deal with our own problem ourselves. Please sir, you look like a man of valor and a fearsome warrior, and you have no doubt many friends and soldiers at your service. If there is anyone who can help us."
Very well, I'll help you. Where is this village? (Accept)
"God bless you, sir. Our village is (village). It is not too far from here."
I can't be bothered with this right now. (Decline)
"As you say sir. Forgive me for bothering you."
Why would I fight these bandits? What's in it for me?
"We are but poor farmer sir, and the bandits have already got most of what we have on this world. but we'll be glad to share with you whatever we have got. And we'll always be in your gratitude if you help us."

Quest Failure[]

Try as you might, you could not defeat the bandits. Infuriated, they raze the village to the ground to punish the peasants, and then leave the burning wasteland behind to find greener pastures to plunder.


  • While the quest log shows there is no time limit for the quest, there is a hidden time limit and you can fail if the time limit passed.