Saddle horse

The Saddle Horse will likely be your starting horse. While the stats are quite low, they are balanced overall, so this horse is worth its cheap price, at least at the beginning of the game. New players should be careful with this horse as even Looters will be able to seriously damage it.

Choosing the adulthood path of Squire, Troubadour, Student, Peddler, or Smith during character creation will give you one of these as your starting horse. As Squire, Troubadour, or Student, it will come with the Swaybacked modifier.

As the second-fastest horse available without modifiers, a saddle horse can make for an effective mount to any aspiring horse archer that wishes to avoid their foes until they run out of ammunition.


The alternate Saddle Horse with the Heavy modifier.

The Saddle Horse is unique in that good modifiers (Heavy, Spirited) change the breed of horse. This is not a different type of horse, Saddle Horses merely come in two designs dependent on their modifiers.

It can be found in any town for a relatively low price.

There is a minor bug when a saddle horse with a positive modifier is reared up, causing one of its front legs to curl around itself.


Horse Armor Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
Saddle Horse
SaddleHorseIcon a
8 45 44 10 100 1 240
Saddle Horse
SaddleHorseIcon b
8 45 44 10 100 1 240