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Rivacheg is a town initially owned by the Kingdom of Vaegirs.

As told by Alayen, Rivacheg Rock was supposedly where the Vaegirs held off the Nords in their first attempts to gain entry into Calradia.

Apparently, the Vaegir king refused to pay the Nords for his people to be left alone, and so the Nords attempted to besiege Rivacheg multiple times, each time they were held off.



Its villages are Mazen and Shapeshte.


Rivacheg is the furthest northerly town in Calradia.

Its villages are Fisdnar, Shapeshte, and Vezin.

Rivacheg usually is very afflicted by roaming Sea Raiders and therefore is not a good place to go for new players with very small parties. However, the consistent spawn of Sea Raiders provides a good hunting ground for more experienced players.


Rivacheg map.jpg

Pin Yellow.png  Accessible area 
Pin Blue.png  Player
Pin Green.png  Guild Master
Pin Cyan.png  Keep
Pin Red.png  Dungeon
Pin Orange.png  Tavern
Pin Purple.png  Merchants
Pin Pink.png  Arena

The Guild Master for Rivacheg can be located by turning 45 degrees to the right after selecting 'Take a walk around the streets'.


Besieging Rivacheg requires the construction of a Siege Tower.


Tournaments hosted in Rivacheg feature the following equipment:

  • Lance & Shield
  • Bow & Arrows
  • Sword & Shield
  • Axe & Shield
  • Heavy Sword
  • Horse

Not all participants are on horses.


It's a very good place to buy land for a Productive Enterprise, though the lord ruling over the town may need to be appeased or displaced before anything can be done. The best is a Weavery and Dyeworks, to make Velvet from Raw Silk and Dyes, as raw silk can be bought very cheaply in Rivacheg. It will cost 10000 denars and the normal profit is between 1200-1500. Easily the most profitable single town in the game, if you keep raiding lords away from it's fiefs. Even fully raided out, it still brings in 560 profit a week.

The town of Rivacheg mainly produces:


  • Pieces of the Strange set are found here in both Mount&Blade and Warband. New characters who are brave enough to face the threat of sea raiders can come here to obtain the armor and short sword for a decent boost in equipment. This chest can also be used as a safe storage for back-up items and equipment as long as your relations with the kingdom that owns the town are at least neutral.

Territory of the Kingdom of Vaegirs

Curaw Khudan Reyvadin Rivacheg


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