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Reyvadin is the capital city of the Kingdom of Vaegirs. This town is initially owned by King Yaroglek.



Its villages are Ayyike, Rebache, and Sumbuja.


Its villages are Ayyike and Ulburban.


Reyvadin map.jpg

Pin Yellow.png  Accessible area 
Pin Blue.png  Player
Pin Green.png  Guild Master
Pin Cyan.png  Keep
Pin Red.png  Dungeon
Pin Orange.png  Tavern
Pin Purple.png  Merchants
Pin Pink.png  Arena

The Guild Master is located two turns to the right of the Tavern and just to the right of the keep's gates.

There is a small gap in the invisible barriers around the entrance to the city. Passing through the gap will give the player access to explore the entire map.


Besieging Reyvadin require the construction of Siege Ladders.


If you take part in a Tournament in Reyvadin, you can be given any of the following sets of equipment:

  • Heavy Sword
  • Sword & Shield
  • Axe & Shield
  • Lance & Shield

Any set of weapons can also be provided with a horse, but not all participants are on horses. Reyvadin Tournaments do not include ranged weapons. The game seems to favour having 2 large teams fighting over 3 or 4 small teams.


Reyvadin has three villages linked to the town, and two more villages linked to castles, improving its production. It sells cheap wool and buys iron and velvet at a high price, making it a good stop for merchants.

Reyvadin mainly produces:

Territory of the Kingdom of Vaegirs

Curaw Khudan Reyvadin Rivacheg


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