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Renown will be earned by your character as you progress through the Mount&Blade games. Your character's renown is basically how well known they are throughout Calradia or Eastern Europe. The other lords and rulers also have renown, which over time, assuming you are relatively successful, you will surpass.

You can gain renown in a number of ways:

  • Winning battles - The more the odds are stacked against you, the more renown you will earn, up to a maximum of 50 per battle.
  • Winning Tournaments.
  • Completing Quests.
  • Holding successful Feasts (Warband only).
  • As a female character, countering remarks from lords. However, depending on their personalities, you may lose relation and some will want to duel you, or even worse, send their army at you. Others will admire your quick tongue and you will gain relation.

You can also lose renown over time by not doing any or enough of the above.

Renown is important, as it affects a number of things, such as whether you can join a faction. The base requirement to join a faction is 150, or 200 if your character is female. To be able to help a claimant gain control of one of the factions, you need 200 renown. A female character will need 700 renown to own a fief. Renown heavily affects your party size.

The more Renown you have, the more difficult it becomes to maintain and accumulate. At the beginning of each battle, there is a "Renown value" shown, which is the base amount you would gain for winning (the effective Renown value of Tier 6 in a tournament is 20); for every 200 Renown you currently have (rounded down), the amount of Renown you gain for winning is reduced by 1. For instance, if you have over 1200 renown, then you will not gain any Renown for winning a battle with a Renown value of 6 or less. This reduction (i.e. your current Renown / 200, rounded down) is also the amount of Renown you lose at the end of each week.

Minimum Renown[]

Goal Renown
Become a Lord or Lady 160
Woo, ask for, and marry a Lady 1/2 the renown of the Guardian for approval
Become a Marshall
Participate in feasts without vassalage   200
Lead a Claimant's rebellion 200


Like previous games, Bannerlord uses renown as a measure for the player character's fame in the world.

Renown is earned mostly through feats of combat prowess. This includes:

  • Winning battles
  • Destroying bandit hideouts
  • Winning tournaments

Clan Tier[]

Renown is needed to unlock higher clan tiers. Each clan tier increases the party size limit for each party in the clan, the party limit in the clan, the companion limit, and unlocks new ways to engage politically.

Tier Requirement Unlocks
1 50 renown
  • Companion Limit: +1
  • Party Size: +??
  • Eligible to join a kingdom as mercenary clan
2 150 renown
  • Clan Party: +1
  • Companion Limit: +1
  • Party Size: +15
  • Eligible for being a Vassal
3 350 renown
  • Clan Party: +1
  • Companion Limit: +1
  • Party Size: +15
4 900 Renown
  • Clan Party: +1
  • Companion Limit: +1
  • Party Size: +15
  • Eligible to create a kingdom

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