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"I broker ransoms for the poor wretches who are captured in these endless wars. Normally I travel between the salt mines and the slave markets on the coast, on commission from those whose relatives have gone missing. But if I'm out on my errands of mercy, and I come across a fellow dragging around a captive or two, well, there's no harm in a little speculative investment, is there? And you look like the type who might have a prisoner to sell." - Ransom Broker's introduction.

Ransom Brokers are men found randomly in taverns all across Calradia who will exchange prisoners for ransoms. They remain in one location for only a few (randomly determined) days before reappearing elsewhere.

In the first Mount&Blade, they would buy prisoners from the player 50 denars for each prisoner. In Warband, however, they will pay different sums per prisoner, depending on the military rank of the purchase. They also provide information about the whereabouts of imprisoned party heroes and the possibility to ransom them as well.

Ramun the Slave Trader is similar to a ransom broker, but who almost always appears in Tihr (it is very rare that he does not) and offers a fixed sum of 50 denars for each prisoner, no matter what rank they are. He can give advice about capturing prisoners.

Ransom by troop types[]

The following is a chart showing how much Ransom Brokers in Warband are willing to pay for specific troops.

Level Ransom Troop Types
1 20 Peasant Woman, Refugee
4 32 Farmer, Looter, Rhodok Tribesman, Sarranid Recruit, Swadian Recruit, Townsman, Vaegir Recruit
5 37 Camp Follower, Khergit Tribesman
6 42 Nord Recruit
9 60 Caravan Master, Rhodok Spearman, Sarranid Footman, Swadian Militia, Vaegir Footman, Watchman
10 66 Bandit, Huntress, Khergit Skirmisher, Manhunter, Nord Footman, Rhodok Crossbowman
11 73 Forest Bandit, Mountain Bandit, Nord Huntsman
12 80 Desert Bandit, Steppe Bandit
14 96 Caravan Guard, Khergit Horse Archer, Khergit Horseman, Nord Trained Footman, Rhodok Trained Spearman, Sarranid Skirmisher, Sarranid Veteran Footman, Slave Driver, Swadian Footman, Swadian Skirmisher, Vaegir Skirmisher, Vaegir Veteran
15 104 Brigand, Nord Archer, Rhodok Trained Crossbowman, Taiga Bandit
16 112 Camp Defender, Sea Raider
18 130 Slave Hunter
19 140 Mercenary Crossbowman, Nord Veteran Archer, Nord Warrior, Rhodok Veteran Spearman, Sarranid Archer, Swadian Crossbowman, Vaegir Archer, Vaegir Infantry
20 150 Mercenary Horseman, Mercenary Swordsman, Rhodok Veteran Crossbowman, Sarranid Horseman, Sarranid Infantry, Swadian Infantry
21 160 Khergit Veteran Horse Archer, Swadian Man-at-Arms, Vaegir Horseman
22 170 Slave Crusher, Sword Sister
23 181 Khergit Lancer
24 192 Nord Veteran, Sarranid Master Archer, Swadian Sharpshooter, Vaegir Guard, Vaegir Marksman
25 204 Hired Blade, Mercenary Cavalry, Rhodok Sergeant, Rhodok Sharpshooter, Sarranid Guard, Swadian Sergeant
26 216 Slaver Chief, Vaegir Knight
27 228 Sarranid Mamluke
28 240 Nord Huscarl, Swadian Knight