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Pub Visitor in Moscow.

A Pub Visitor is a character you will encounter in various Taverns in Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword.

When approached you may make one of three different comments, or depart peacefully. When you approach him, he will be one of three things: Sober, Tipsy, or Drunk. If he is sober anything you say to him will result in him telling you to leave him alone. As for the other two, he will Usually answer you.

  • My fists are itching for a fight... Would you perhaps like to measure your strength?
This choice will give you the option to choose an amount of money to bet for the fight from 5 thaler to 25. Only fists are allowed. Kicks will not work whilst fighting the patron. A randomly assigned clothing (ex: Cossack Zupan) will be given to you and the patron.
  • What a face you have, friend. Excellent for scaring slow-witted lads.
If you choose this option you will be taken to the courtyard just outside the main town area, where you will face three opponents called "Pub Visitor". Both you and they will have a Saber. There is a small chance that you keep the saber after the fight. It will have 25c damage and sells for a lot in both Russia and Poland.
  • Let us raise our glasses for...
This option will allow you to choose a King from one of the kingdoms. If you pick the right one, he'll accept the toast, and continually doing this will make him drunk. You can do this repeatedly, but sometimes a message appears that you also got drunk. When this message appears, you are thrown in jail, presumably after some lawbreaking (it does not matter if you are a lord of one of the factions, you'll still get arrested). If you pick someone other than the local king, he will declare you a spy and you will fight him in the courtyard.
If you do not wish to bother the man, just select "My Troops Await me..." and you will exit the conversation.

The list of possible remarks.

Note: Winning any of these fights reduces your relation with the town or fortress by 1.