Prince Valdym the Bastard
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Vaegirs
Monarch King Yaroglek
Title Claimant
Gender Male

Prince Valdym the Bastard is the claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of Vaegirs. His father died when he was young, leaving Valdym in the care of his uncle, the regent Burelek, who was then the king. However, Burelek accused Valdym's mother of adultery, had her executed, and declared Valdym a bastard. Burelek died shortly afterwards (Valdym considers the short kingship of Burelek as a "Sign of Heaven"), and his son, Yaroglek, took the throne. Valdym was smuggled away by a faithful servant, and now wants to take back the throne.

Yaroglek counters Valdym's claim, stating that while the actions of his father were immoral, the man was still recognised as king of the Vaegirs, making his own claim to the throne just as legal as Valdym's. To end his reign on behalf of a dead man's crimes, he argues, is folly, and sets a disturbing precedent, which could "destroy the institution that we call Monarchy".

Starting EquipmentEdit

  • Flat Topped Helmet
  • Courtly Outfit
  • Lamellar Cuirass
  • Leather Boots
  • Mail Chausses
  • Plain Heater Shield
  • Military Pick
  • Hunter Horse


Like Former Queen Christina, Valdym's title of "Prince" won't be removed if he becomes king.

Kingdom of Vaegirs
King Yaroglek Prince Valdym the Bastard

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