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Poems are a feature in Warband and Viking Conquest, and can be learned by talking to any one of the Wandering Poets (Ashik, Bard, Troubador, Skald, or Minstrel), all of which are commonly found in the taverns of different towns. Each poem costs 300 denars, and will take a small while to learn.

Poems are used to woo ladies by raising your relationship points with her, allowing you to marry them. Female characters can learn all of the poems as well, but other than completion on the character's known poems stats, they serve no purpose.

Every poem is a different type, such as romantic or comedic. Using the right type of poem with a lady will raise their relationship level. But be aware that when you try to recite a poem to a lady, some may find the poem repulsive, reducing your relationship points, while others may find them neutral, changing nothing. You can ask Wandering Poets to see what type of poems a lady likes. There are only a total of five poems in the game.


For More Information, see Poems/Warband.
Poem Type First line Appeals to
An Argument in the Garden Comic "All the silks of Veluca" Ambitious ladies
Helgered and Kara Epic "A light pierced the gloom over Wercheg cliffs" Tomboyish ladies
Kais and Layali Tragic "The wind that blows the dry steppe dust" Conventional ladies
The Heart's Desire Mystic "You are the first and the last" Romantic ladies
The Storming of the Castle of Love Allegoric "I deflected her skeptical darts" Moral ladies

Viking Conquest[]

Poems in Viking Conquest work essentially the same as Warband, but are different set of five poems.

Poem Type First line Appeals to
Aeneas and Dido Allegoric "But anxious cares already seized the queen" Moral ladies
Orpheus and Calliope Tragic "The muse Calliope bore to Morpheus a son named Orpheus" Conventional ladies
Aesopica, a conversation in the garden Comic "A Lion was awakened from sleep by a Mouse running over his face" Ambitious ladies
Beowulf Epic "LO, praise of the prowess of people-kings" Tomboyish ladies
Voyage of Bran Mystic "There is a distant isle" Romantic ladies