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Personality Traits is a game concept introduced in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord as part of the singleplayer side of the game.

Official Description[]

Personality traits represent a character's reputation. They affect your relations with everyone in your realm, and possibly even your enemies too. For NPC's, they also represent the character's assumptions about what succeeds in the world: should you rigidly keep your oaths, or is everyone flexible and promises are for fools? Should you plan your every move with a long-term goal in mind, or will people not trust you if you don't show a bit of emotion? The traits are: Valor/Caution, Mercy/Cruelty, Honor/Deviousness, Generosity/Disloyalty, and Calculation/Emotional. Generally the first of these is viewed more favorably than the second, but not always: Generous leaders, loyal to troops, are great for commanding armies, but you might want a judge to be a bit more impartial. NPC's personality traits are fixed, whereas you, the player, will develop your traits by your actions within the game. More information is available as you mouse over them.

List of Personality Traits[]

There are a lot more Personality traits in the game code, but the following are the only ones which currently can be found on characters:

  • Cerebral (Calculating 2)
  • Calculating (Calculating 1)
  • Impulsive (Calculating -1)
  • Munificent (Generosity 2)
  • Generous (Generosity 1)
  • Closefisted (Generosity -1)
  • Honorable (Honor 2)
  • Honest (Honor 1)
  • Devious (Honor -1)
  • Deceitful (Honor -2)
  • Compassionate (Mercy 2)
  • Merciful (Mercy 1)
  • Cruel (Mercy -1)
  • Sadistic (Mercy -2)
  • Fearless (Valor 2)
  • Daring (Valor 1)
  • Cautious (Valor -1)


Personality traits can affect the last sentence in the hero's description in the encyclopedia, "She/He has the reputation of being....".

some combination of traits can override others.

+calculating,-mercy = Ruthless
+valor,-calculating = Brave but headstrong

Increase/Decrease Trait Value ratings[]

Default consequences[]

  • LordExecutedHonorPenalty = -1000
  • TroopsSacrificedValorPenalty = -30
  • VillageRaidedMercyPenalty = -30
  • PartyStarvingGenerosityPenalty = -20
  • PartyTreatedWellGenerosityBonus = 20
  • LordFreedCalculatingBonus = 20
  • PersuasionDefectionCalculatingBonus = 20

Winning battles gives you valor based on a relative troop strength comparison between you and your enemy, and your party's contribution to the battle.  

  • When brigands request to join your party, choosing the 2nd option ('Do you think I am daft?) may result in a reduction of Mercy (to be tested)

Sacrificing Troops to escape costs you -30 valor per event.

Mission related[]

Rescue kidnapped daughter

  • Killing the boyfriend of the runaway girl: honor -50, mercy -50

Landlord needs access to commons

  • Succeed via troops (not you): honor +30, mercy -20
  • Betray questgiver for the field owners: honor -50, mercy +20
  • Secure fields by talking down the locals: +30 honor

Defending against aggressive crimelord

  • Success: +50 honor
  • Failure with rejection/timeout: -20 honor
  • Betray the questgiver: -100 honor

Deliver a herd

  • Success: +30 honor
  • Timeout/fail to deliver: -30 honor

Destroy Bandit Camp

  • Success: +50 honor

Family Feud

  • Accept counteroffer: -50 honor
  • startfightwithoutplayer = -50 honor

This is a trait sink, you can only lose on it

Escort merchant

  • Success: +50 honor
  • Failure by someone killing it: -20 honor
  • You killing the merchants: -80 honor

Train Troops for local notable

  • Train 10: 50 honor
  • Train 6-9: 30 honor
  • Train 1-5: 10 honor

Deal with Poachers:

  • Destroy/Convince Poachers to leave: 50 honor
  • Fail: -50 honor
  • Convince them to leave: -??? mercy

Deliver Grain Seeds:

  • Success: +??? mercy

Landowner Needs Manual Laborers:

  • Success: -??? mercy (prisoners)