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Perisno is a total conversion modification to Mount&Blade: Warband 1.174. Its current version is 1.3.6. as of 13/Nov/2021


The year is 395. The land of Perisno is at war, with countless major powers fighting for control. There is hardly ever peace, and every faction has their own goals for conquest. Can you build a empire and claim this land for your own? Can you rule Perisno with your might?


Perisno is thought to be the first inhabited territory in the world, with the first of these inhabitants being the ancient races of the land: the giants , the Naphali, dwarves and humans. The humans, known as Perilo, had numbers much smaller than the other races. The Naphali and dwarves lived in relative isolation, with the former confined to the deep western forests and the latter relegated to the tall southern mountains. There was little conflict between these different groups owing to their geographical isolation as well as the relatively sparse population density of the continent as a whole. Giant and Dwarven history was not recorded in the Great scrolls, so hardly anything was known about them till much later.

This balance of power began to shift with the Perilo growing in large numbers and taking over great amounts of land.  in the centuries after 1000 BE. The increased competition for land drove both humans and the Naphali to assert themselves more on the continent, driving large populations of giants eastward as early conflicts began to erupt. Though major powers were yet to emerge, the original Perilo (who named themselves the Kingdom of Perisno much later) had settled in the central part of the lands (700 BE), while the Venetoran people and the Klymorian Tribes started expanding their borders. The venetoran people split from the Perilo very early on and thus claimed their own lands as their disputes grew. Not much is known where the Klymorians came from. They seem to be more mysterious than all the other inhabitants.

... More to come!


  • Diplomacy 4.3: Everything that comes with the Diplomacy mod.
  • New Music: All new music for better gameplay.
  • Better Sounds: Most of the sounds have been replaced with better ones which enhance gameplay. From someone getting shot with a bolt to a horse trotting. It's all here.
  • New Horses: Do you love horses? Well we have horses, and lots more where they come from. So enjoy them all from the black saddle horse to the heavy plated warhorse. It's all up to you.
  • Better Landscapes/Field Of View: New trees and better textured grasses, skies and everything else you see in the world of Perisno. Look beyond the great horizen without needed a all powerful pc.
  • New Crosshair: The boring old crosshair is now replaced with a red one.
  • New/ More Items (currently over 2,200+, that's 1,600 more than Native!): Perisno features more items then most other mods.
  • New Banners:New banners all around, from knights in shining armor to a very undressed lady. Uh-huh, that's right.
  • New Map: One of the most important features in a mod is the map. Who wants to play the old boring one? Perisno is much bigger in size and boosts lots of trees, snow, deserts, and some bridges. (Expanded Map In Version 0.6)
  • New Graphics (Menus): Many menus now have new graphics for a better outlook.
  • Dynamic Troop Trees: Wonder how the troop trees look? Well it's easy now, just open up Reports * Troop Trees and there you have it.
  • New Troops: There are now tons of new troops, unique with every faction, and bandits.
  • Tavern Additions: More NPCs in taverns to talk to, and tavern keeper now has more options like sell prisoners and flip a coin.
  • New Factions: 7 new unique factions all with all new troop trees and 1 invading faction.
  • More/New Quests: More info to come...self explanatory. Yours to find them all.
  • Household Troops: Some Kings And Lords Now have their very own troops that no one else has.
  • Color Coded Messages: Messages are now color coded, adding a nice organized feel to notifications
  • Roaming Parties: Perisno is filled with roaming war parties and outlaws who are very willing to test their blade against yours.
  • Lore Characters (for immersion): Now you can find some lore characters in Perisno for the purpose of immersion and story in certain places.
  • Unique Places: There are now 2 new unique locations for you to visit and discover
  • Random Events & Spawns: Now, there are random events that happen on the world map and medium sized spawns to kill for loot that spawn anywhere on the map every few days.
  • New Mercenaries: This includes a whole different mercenary troop tree and a Freelancer Guild where you can hire special mercenaries from.
  • Fog Of War: FoW can be on or off. It is recommended to play with FoW as Perisno has unique feature where you can buy maps to unveal the lands, and thus giving the player a better play through with more surprises.
  • Sea Travel: Travel the seas and the unknown places or engage in battles on the open water
  • Freelancer Mod v.1.51: Now you can join the ranks of Lords and Kings alike and become a warrior!
  • Formations: Formations are expanded adding more detailed ranks and many other deployment methods.
  • New kingdom management features: There are many new kingdom management features and unique new advisers - the Spymaster and the Highmarshal.
  • More Ridable Mounts:
    List of Ridable Animals In Perisno
    • Horses
    • Camels
    • Elephants
    • Wyverns
    • Wolves
    • Dragons
    • Rhinoes
  • There are many, many more features for you to discover!


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