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Recruitment window for a village showing which troops can be recruited from two notables

Notables are special NPCs which exist within every town and village in Calradia and are a feature introduced in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord as a means for players to recruit troops, build relations, accept quests, and interact with world in a more personal manner.[1]


Notables are randomly named at the start of a player’s campaign and remain in a town or village throughout the game even if the town or village is conquered. Notables can identified once a player has entered a town or villages on the campaign map as their portraits appear at the top right of the interface.

Recruitment interaction with notables occurs through the village or town menu while interaction for quests requires a player to load into the notable’s village or town to speak.


All notables have a measurement of influence within their communities represented by a numeric value visible when hover over their portraits. These values are accompany by descriptions such as “Regular,” “Influential,” or “Powerful.” Notables with high influence can acquire troops of a higher tier for players to recruit.


Every notable is a liaison for the player (or NPC lord) to recruitable troops within a village or town. Players with good relations with a notable will have access to more recruitable troops while players with low relations maybe unable to recruit any new troops from a notable at all.


Unlike Mount&Blade: Warband, a player in the Calradia of Bannerlord does not increase or decrease relations with a village or town a whole. Instead it is the relations with individual notables that a player affects.


Interaction with a notable for a quest

Notables are one of primary sources of quests for players; however, a notable will refuse to give a quest if the player’s faction is at war with the notable’s faction. Quests often involve one notable acting against the interest of another notable and completing certain quests can boost boost relations with one notable while lowering them with others. [2]

Village Notables[]

Inside every village are 2 to 3 notables who either have the role of a headman or landowner. Relations with Village Notables will increase from perks, completing quests, and rescuing their traveling villagers from attackers. Relations will decrease for completing quests which target their village or for failing quests. Relations will greatly decrease from attacking villagers, raiding villages, or conscripting villagers. [3]

Only notables from villages can provide noble troops.

Town Notables[]

Recruitment window in a town showing the display which appears when hovering over a notable’s portrait

Every town in Calradia has 4 to 6 notables who either have the role of artisan, merchant, or gang leader. Any type of notable can be the owner of one or more of the town’s workshops and purchasing a notable’s workshop does not damage relations with that notable.

Players who wish to create caravans must speak with merchant notables to make the arrangements. All of the caravans throughout Calradia are owned by merchant notables and attacking or stealing from these caravans decreases relations with their owner.


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