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The Northern Empire is a kingdom in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. They have, as the other two empires (the Southern and Western Calradic Empire), a specialization in armored cataphracts and skilled archers.

The Northern Empire shares a border with the Battanians, Sturgians and Khuzaits, as well as the two other splinter states resulting from the splitting of the Calradic Empire. This empire is led by the influential Senator Lucon, who wants the Senate to resume its right to appoint the new emperor.

Official Description[]

The Calradic Empire is not a monarchy. The Calradians insist on this. The emperor, formerly just a military commander, may have taken on most other affairs of state as well. Rather than be elected every few years by the Senate, he may now rule for life and often be succeeded by his son. The popular assemblies that once decided key policies may have withered away, and the Senate, a gathering of landowners, may have far less power than it did in centuries past. But it is not a monarchy, because it is absolutely forbidden for Calradians to be ruled by a king. The Empire is what happens when a league of city-states conquers a continent. A community once led by free farmers with relatively equal wealth now has vast gaps between the rich and the poor. Institutions designed to prevent one man from becoming a tyrant come into conflict with the necessities of unending warfare, which require unified command. Without any smooth means of succession, the death of an emperor has always been a potential crisis. Usually, the emperor nominated an heir, the senate ratified his choice, and the people (meaning the army) acclaimed it. But this did not always happen smoothly, and the succession was often settled on the battlefield. The current conflict, which broke out when the late Emperor Arenicos was assassinated, is the latest of these Imperial civil wars.


Senator Lucon


Initial ruler


The Northern Empire stands as the embodiment of the oligarchic Senate, which flocked to Senator Lucon after Garios and Rhagaea laid claim on the title of Emperor with their ties in the military and aristocracy, respectively. The bulk of this faction's clans are purportedly ancient lineages with long-held roots in the Senate — and thus this third of the Empire is more traditionalistic and conservative in nature, favoring the supremacy of the Senate over the Emperor and fearing the Civil War rift that testifies to the bloated power of the Emperor. The Senate asserts that the Empire's decline is a consequence of alarmingly powerful Emperors who are not held accountable by their electors, and views Garios and Rhagaea as consequences of these monarchic trends. Lucon states, in reference to the old ways of the Empire, that "without [our] law, without the written word, there is but tyranny and the mob." 


  • Low.

6 cities, 9 castles, 32 villages. Main products: velvet (main manufacturer), iron, wood, fish.

Imperial Troop Tree
Tier Troop
1st Imperial Recruit
2nd Imperial Infantryman Imperial Archer
3rd Imperial Trained Infantryman Imperial Trained Archer
4th Imperial Veteran Infantryman Imperial Menavliaton Imperial Veteran Archer Imperial Crossbowman
5th Imperial Legionary Imperial Elite Menavliaton Imperial Palatine Guard Imperial Bucellarii Imperial Sergeant Crossbowman


Clans of the Northern Empire


Territory of the Northern Empire
Ataconia CastleAtrion CastleGaos CastleEpinosa Castle
Lochana CastleMecalovea CastleRhesos CastleSyratos CastleVaragos Castle


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