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Approximate areas of the five nations in With Fire & Sword.

There are five nations in With Fire & Sword that occupy Eastern Europe. They are constantly at war, trying to take over each others' territory and fiefs. Additionally, each faction is distinguished by a different style of army: some have excellent infantry, others excellent Musketeers/Archers or cavalry, or a combination of these.

Each nation has a monarch and his subjects, as well as a claimant to the throne who waits for someone (the player) to champion their cause. The claimants can be found in random towns. In various taverns you can ask a traveller for information on their locations, at the cost of 30 thalers. Claimants will never be found in a town belonging to the faction for which they are the claimant, however it is strange that a claimant such as Janusz Radziwill (Polish Commonwealth) can be found in a Polish Tavern.

In With Fire & Sword, you are not allowed to make your own faction, you can only join a nation (starting out as just a subject) or you can start a rebellion by capturing one of the fiefs of the nation you want to rebel against.

The five nations in the game are listed below. For more information on each, go to their respective pages.

Two minor "factions" should be mentioned here as well: Bandits and Mercenaries.

List of Nations Edit

Name Ruler Claimant Color Position
Cossack Hetmanate Hetman Bogdan Hmelnitski Ivan Barabash Red South-central
Crimean Khanate Khan Islam Giray Mehmed Giray Green South
Muscovite Tsardom Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Stepan Razin Yellow-green Northeast
Polish Commonwealth King Jan Kasimir Janusz Radziwill Orange West-central
Kingdom of Sweden King Carl Gustaf Former Queen Christina Blue Northwest

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