Mount & Blade Wiki

All rules provided by Fandom's Terms of Use apply without exception.

The following rules should also be adhered to. Repeated violations may result in a block.

  • Do not impersonate staff: Do not pretend to be a member of local wiki staff or act as if you speak from authority if you do not hold any such positions.
  • Use in-game spellings where appropriate: If the game spells something a certain way and your spell check flags it, go by the game. Some spelling differences may be regional, some may even be mistakes, but the in-game spellings will overrule anything else. Note that spellings may vary between different games in the series, so if you discover a page that spelling something differently from how you see it, ask first before changing everything.
  • Do not write in the first-person: Articles should be written in a professional, encyclopedia style. Never insert information from your personal perspective in a main-space article, these should be kept to forum posts, talk pages, or blogs.
  • Avoid opinions or absolutes: Information needs to be as fact-based as possible. While some topics may require nuance, such as strategies, do not presenting an opinion as if it were fact, or use absolutes (stating something "is" when it may not always be) where inappropriate.
  • Use practical file names: When uploading images, try to give them an accurate and descriptive title so other editors could get an idea of what the image is just by its file name. Using strings of random characters or dates is unhelpful.
  • Do not edit war: If you revert another user's edit, unless that edit was obvious vandalism, try to explain yourself in the edit summary. If they revert your revert, take it to the article's talk page and discuss the problem rather than fight over which version is better.
  • Do not add excessive trivia: If a certain trivia point must be relevant to the topic and the game, and must be something people might actually care about. Avoid history lessons as well, links to Wikipedia are acceptable if an article has real-world significance.
  • Do not use abbreviations in article content: Abbreviations (such as M&B) may be acceptable in a data table or infobox, but should always be written out fully in the main body text of an article.
  • Do not make pointless edits to win badges: Wiki Achievements are a reward for users who make useful contributions to the wiki. Making many pointless edits for the direct purpose of winning them is called "badge farming" and is not permitted.