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Mount&Blade is a medieval single-player action role-playing game for Windows developed by the Turkish company TaleWorlds, and published by Paradox Interactive. Its retail version was released on September 16, 2008 in North America, and three days later in Europe. The game originated as an independent project of Armağan Yavuz, founder of TaleWorlds, and his wife, İpek Yavuz.[1] Prior to its retail release, beta versions of the game were published on the developer's website.[2]

Mount&Blade is an action oriented role-playing game with emphasis on mounted combat. Unlike most other titles of the genre, the game contains no fantasy elements. It does not restrict the player to a certain storyline, but instead presents a sandbox medieval realm named Calradia, in which the player is given the ability to either join one of the five available battling factions, assume the role of an outlaw, or take a neutral side.


Mount&Blade was designed with modding in mind, with even the normal game being a module. As a result, many mods providing new opportunities, settings, characters, dialogue, objects, etc. were constructed by the fans.

Trial version[]

All Mount&Blade games can also be downloaded as a "try before you buy" trial version from TaleWorlds' website for free.

The trial version allows you to play the single-player game until you reach level 7 at which time it automatically saves your character and quits. After purchasing and entering a serial key, the limit will be unlocked and you may resume playing with the same character. You will not need to download the game again.


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