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Mount&Blade Manhunter troop tree

Manhunter upgrading tree.

Manhunters are law enforcers who hunt the Looters, Deserters and other Bandits that roam throughout Calradia. They are generally average fighters with blunt weapons that they use to knock out bandits, and they wear relatively light armor while riding horses. They usually are victorious against Looters, but are almost always defeated by Sea Raiders.

Since they can't be recruited from anywhere, Manhunters can only be hired by freeing them from captivity. They can also be upgraded and rank up, becoming stronger and gaining sturdier armor, better weapons, and improved horses. They will never upgrade themselves as Manhunters belong to the "manhunter" faction, while Slave Drivers and the remainder of the troop tree all belong to the "slaver" faction, requiring the player's control to enable them to switch factions.

Manhunters aren't pledged to any kingdom, and therefore don't fight in any wars except against bandits. The color of their units is quite similar to, but a little lighter than, the color of bandits. It is possible to increase relation with all manhunters by helping them kill bandits, providing they are about to lose, though relation with manhunters seems to have no impact on anything.

If you talk to the manhunters, they will ask if you have seen any bandits recently. Regardless of what your answer is, they will continue traveling in the same direction as before.

It is very handy to keep a few of these units in your party. While the majority of your forces will pick off most of the enemies, your horse-riding manhunters (who use blunt weapons) will be able to knock some unconscious, netting you a few prisoners. They handle themselves fairly well at higher levels.

Manhunter Troops
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