Lethwin Far-Seeker
Starting Information
Kingdom Kingdom of Nords
Monarch King Ragnar
Title Claimant
Gender Male

Lethwin Far-Seeker is initially the claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of Nords. According to the game lore, he is named 'Far-Seeker' because he has traveled much and seen many things in search of knowledge. In addition to being a university student viewed by King Ragnar as being too weak to hold the throne, it is possible for the player to take up his cause and overthrow the king.

However, Ragnar counters Lethwin's claim, saying that while he would probably make a decent lord in a different kingdom, the Nords respect strength above all else. He argues that the Nordic thanes would not respect Lethwin, and would fight amongst themselves to overthrow him, leaving the whole realm vulnerable to attack. He also states that the Nords should have a warrior as a king, not a scholar.

Kingdom of Nords
King Ragnar Lethwin Far-Seeker

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