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The Legion of the Betrayed is a minor faction of the Calradic Empire.

Their leader is Patrys of the Legion.


  • Dalidos of the Legion
  • Crotor of the Legion
  • Amnon of the Legion

Official Description[]

The Last Legion was created after the Emperor Arenicos enacted his reforms, abolishing the last of the Empire's standing armies in favor of archon's private retinues that were significantly cheaper and better at controlling territory. The Legion is made up of men who detested this change: they loved the old army, its standards and its unit histories and its camp life, and they blame the new system for destroying the empire. But an army does not hold together unless it is paid regulary, and they take contracts from imperial and foreign lords alike.

Troop Tree[]

Legion of the Betrayed Troops
Chevron-2.png Icon troop type infantry.png Hastati
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type infantry.png Principes
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type infantry.png Triarii
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  • Legion-specific units bear the names of the types of infantry units employed in armies of the early Roman Republic.