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The Lake Rats are a minor faction based in the Principality of Sturgia led by Simir of the Lake Rats.

They are dangerous uncaring barbarian plunderers and raiders that operate in the coasts of Sturgia and sometimes in Vlandia. Their hideouts are inside hidden sea caves by the coasts. Because of how they operate and their lack of morality they are universally disliked in Calradia.

Official Description[]

The Lake Rats live in the marshes on the shores of the great northern lake, in shacks made out of the timbers of ruined ships. They live by "wrecking" - i.e. luring ships onto shoals with false lighthouses and beacons. Because they're scorned by the rest of Calradia - "all criminals, smell like marsh gas and mud and rotten fish" - they scorn everyone else back. Although mostly Sturgian, their ranks have been swelled by fugitives, debtors, and anyone else who'd rather live by a thieves' code than by the laws of nobles.


Their leader and membership are randomly generated at the beginning of each game.


Like all of the minor factions or independent clans at this point in Bannerlord's development, the Lake Rats function simply as mercenaries, in spite of being described as outlaws. In fact, despite their lowly origins, they posses unique infantry that are among the best of the minor factions', with excellent armor and good weapons. If and when the player establishes or takes control of a kingdom, enlisting the Lake Rats would be a smart move if they can afford the expense.

Troop Tree[]

Lake Rats Troops
Chevron-2.png Icon troop type infantry.png Lake Rat Recruit
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type infantry.png Lake Rat Veteran
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type infantry.png Lake Rat Wrecker
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