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A large group of ladies gathered in a castle.

Ladies are lord's wives, daughters, and sisters in the land of Calradia.

In Warband, a lady can be asked to talk about herself and her relationship to her lord. The player can also marry ladies who are not already married, can dedicate a tournament to a lady, and can proclaim love to them. Poems can be learned to woo them.

A lady can also improve your relationship with a lord of that faction, at the price of one thousand denars per relationship point.

Ladies can offer a quest in which you must defend the honor of the lady and defeat the lord that sullied her name. You must visit that lord and challenge him to a one-on-one duel in the tournament area. If you win, you'll lose a lot of relationship points with the lord and gain a lot with the lady, who also gives you a reward (usually 3000 denars) whether you are victorious or not. You will also gain a point of honor if you accept the reward, two points if you refuse it; you will lose five points if the lord defeats you in the duel.

As a ruler of your own kingdom, raising a female companion to vassalship will give them the title 'Lady', but they will act as lords.

In With Fire & Sword, ladies are present in courts across the map, but they are simply placeholders with no function, as any interaction with them will simply make them tell that they do not know the player well enough, and there is no way to improve relations with them.


You can change your relation with ladies through the following means:

Action Effects
Duel for lady - Accept quest +3
Duel for lady - Complete quest +10
Duel for lady - Fail quest +6
Duel for lady - Reject quest -1
Escort lady +2
Rescue prisoner lord +8
Release lady without ransom after capturing a castle or town +1
Demand ransom for a lady after capturing a castle or town -3

* Warband only.


Personalities Bard's Description
Convential They say that (Lady) is a most conventional maiden - devoted to her family, of a kind and gentle temperament, a lady in all her way
Moral They say that (Lady) is a lady of the highest moral standard. Very admirable, very admirable -- and very hard to please, I'll warrant.
Romantic They say that (Lady) is a bit of a romantic, a dreamer -- of a gentle temperament, yet unpredictable. She is likely to be led by her passions, and will be trouble for her family, I'll wager.
Ambitious They say that (Lady) is determined to marry well and make her mark in the world. She may be a tremendous asset for her husband -- provided he can satisfy her ambition!
Tomboyish They say that (Lady) loves to hunt and ride. Maybe she wishes she were a man! Whoever she marries will have a tough job keeping the upper hand, I would say.