A large group of ladies gathered in a castle.

Ladies are lord's wives, daughters, and sisters in the land of Calradia.

In Warband, a lady can be asked to talk about herself and her relationship to her lord. The player can also marry ladies who are not already married, can dedicate a tournament to a lady, and can proclaim love to them. Poems can be learned to woo them.

A lady can also improve your relationship with a lord of that faction, at the price of one thousand denars per relationship point.

Ladies can offer a quest in which you must defend the honor of the lady and defeat the lord that sullied her name. You must visit that lord and challenge him to a one-on-one duel in the tournament area. If you win, you'll lose a lot of relationship points with the lord and gain a lot with the lady, who also gives you a reward (usually 3000 denars) whether you are victorious or not. You will also gain a point of honor if you accept the reward, two points if you refuse it; you will lose five points if the lord defeats you in the duel.

As a ruler of your own kingdom, raising a female companion to vassalship will give them the title 'Lady', but they will act as lords.

Relation[edit | edit source]

You can change your relation with ladies through the following means:

Action Effects
Duel for lady - Accept quest +3
Duel for lady - Complete quest +10
Duel for lady - Fail quest +6
Duel for lady - Reject quest -1
Escort lady +2
Rescue prisoner lord +8
Release lady without ransom after capturing a castle or town +1
Demand ransom for a lady after capturing a castle or town -3

* Warband only.

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