King or Queen of Calradia is a possible end game goal for the player and is achieved by conquering the entirety of Calradia.

All Monarchs have a claim to the throne of Calradia. In addition to the player's struggles to become their own king or queen, should they choose to also compete for the title of King/Queen of Calradia.

The title of King/Queen of Calradia is not a true recognition by the game; it is presumed you become King/Queen of Calradia once all factions have been eliminated and that you had a valid claim to begin with (with the help of a companion). However, because Mount&Blade is a sandbox game, the game does not necessarily have to be over, but all fighting between factions would cease to exist as well, since they would have been eliminated in the process, leaving only deserters and bandits to fight.

Becoming the KingEdit

In order to become king/queen, you must found your own kingdom, by capturing a fief while unaligned, rebelling as a Vassal when a fief is denied to you, or getting your husband/wife to help you start one.

Before you take the major steps to founding a kingdom, the player is able to send a companion to go about and tell Calradia the player's plans should they decide to become King. The companion will leave for a prolonged amount of time, but will come back gaining you right to rule points.

When your own kingdom is formed, you may also send companions to other kingdoms as an emissary, also bringing up your right to rule, and relation with that kingdom and its ruler. Any companion can be sent, but one with a good charisma is advised, as a lower one might result in failure of being recognized as a valid claimant. Because doing so will result in a companion leaving your party for a prolonged amount of time, it is also a good idea to send a companion that is not too important to the party. The player can only have a valid claim if the player successfully garners enough support through a companion.


Another way to take claim to the throne of Calradia is to become an independent outlaw resented by one of the five factions. Upon doing this, the player has the option to take fiefs for themselves. By doing so, the player will begin their faction at war with whichever Kingdom they stole the fief from, and will have to appoint vassals out of their own party members or by persuading members of enemy armies to join them. The player has the option of naming their Kingdom, and all of their possessions will show on the map in red.


All current kings of any faction have a claim to the throne of Calradia. Any claimant of said kings' thrones also have a claim to the throne of Calradia.

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