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The Karakhergit are a Khuzait minor faction that keeps to the old ways of the Khuzait (raiding, pillaging and small clans).[1]

Official Description[]

The Karakhergit are a nomadic clan that has resisted all efforts by the centralizing Urkhunid khans to keep them in one place, give them farmlands and serfs, and force them to give over taxes and military levies. They are treated by the other clans with a combination of envy and contempt. They trade and sometimes even intermarry with their settled brethren, but they also do a limited amount of kidnapping for ransom and raiding of flocks, and scoff at those who would blame them for carrying on with the heroic old ways.

Karakhuzait Troops
Chevron-1.png Icon troop type horse archer big.png Karakhuzait Nomad
Chevron-3.png Icon troop type horse archer big.png Karakhuzait Rider
Chevron-5.png Icon troop type horse archer big.png Karakhuzait Elder


  • During development, the Karakhergit were temporarily renamed Karakhuzaits.
  • In older versions of Mount and Blade Classic and Warband, there were two cut bandit-type units - Black Khergit Horseman and Black Khergit Guard - which were also sometimes called Karakhergit. Given the fact that 'kara' means 'black' in Turkish, it's highly likely that the Black Khergits from Classic and Warband were repurposed for Bannerlord, and in-universe have continually existed as a faction well into Warband's period, even if they were ultimately cut.



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