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Jesse Hopkins (J. S. Hopkins) is the composer of all music for the original Mount&Blade and Warband.

Biography[edit | edit source]

J.S. Hopkins is a self-taught composer from the Northeast United States, where he composed film scores for student filmmakers, DVDs, live events and television. Hopkins then relocated to the American Southeast and began composing remotely for video games. He now publishes recordings and sheet music under J.S. Hopkins Records and J.S. Hopkins Publishing.

With a dedication to compositional craft and its impact on the audience, J. S. Hopkins has composed the scores for more than thirty commercial projects, including Mount&Blade featuring the Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra, Mount&Blade: Warband, Gratuitous Space Battles, The Adventures of Shuggy, and the Kaiju Big Battel series.

"Homage to Warband" was arranged for Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord by Finn Seliger, based on J. S. Hopkins' original composition "Outdoor Beautiful Land" from the original Mount&Blade.

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