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For the multiplayer map, see Jameyyed Castle (multiplayer).

Jameyyed Castle is a castle belonging to the Sarranid Sultanate. It is a new addition to Mount&Blade: Warband.


Jameyyed Castle lies northwest of Durquba. It rests between two mountain ranges at the border with the Khergit Khanate.

Its village is Mazigh, which is on the other side of a mountain ridge to the northeast.


Jameyyed Castle map.jpg
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Besieging Jameyyed Castle requires the construction of a Siege Tower, needing up to 90 hours of preparation with 0 Engineer.

The cliff that hugs the walls on the left side can be climbed. The player can go all the way up and then cross the walls and enter the castle. The troops cannot follow using that route though. The advantage is that you can snipe at the enemy from two directions.

Troops can be lead from inside the walls to the outside using the cliff to perform a counter attack and further thin out the enemy, but players should be careful, as the AI pathfinding is particularly bad in that area and a large group of your troops can and probably will get stuck.


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