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Influence is a new concept introduced in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord. Influence can be spent as a currency in Kingdoms. The known uses for influence are:

  • Forming and Army costs influence. Calling your Companions' party to the Army is free. Otherwise, calling vassals of the Kingdom to the Army costs influence based on their troop count and level
  • Proposing and voting on Kingdom policies and diplomacy
  • As a mercenary, Influence determines your daily wage, every 10 influence increase a multiplier that determines the wage, at 10 influence the wage is doubled, at 20 influence the wage is tripled, and so on. As a mercenary influence decays at a rate of 1 + 10% per day

The influence cost for an army depends on several factors: How long an army has been marching, distance from faction, army morale (if your army has high morale the influence costs less and vice versa) and relationships between the army commander and the lords.

Diplomacy and policy is an important part of influence use. The player can propose and vote on policies and diplomacy decisions in their Kingdom. Proposing policies and diplomacy decisions costs 100 influence. When a proposal is sent, either by the player or an NPC vassal, influence can be used to vote on it. The costs of voting are 20, 40 and 80 influence respectively. Choosing to use more influence gives a bigger vote on the proposal. It is therefore wise to save up influence, to be able to sway decisions more effectively.

Influence can be gained, depending on one's activity in the realm's wars.

  • Winning battles rewards with proportional influence. The bigger and harder the battle, the better the influence gain.
  • Winning tournaments gains a small amount of influence. Coupled with the Duelist perk, its possible to gain 6 influence per tournament won.
  • Donating troops to allied faction settlements or donating prisoners is also way of increasing influence. 
  • With some Trade perks, it is also possible to gain passive influence by owning shops.

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