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Hunt Down Fugitive is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction.


(Lord) asked you to hunt down a fugitive named (Fugitive Name). He is currently believed to be at (Village).


This quest is simple as you need to hunt down a criminal in the village they reside in. The fugitive always appear in daylight time and away from the village center. The fugitive will be titled as "Nervous Man". You will have to speak to the fugitive and kill him.

The fugitive has a surprisingly high amount of health as his Ironflesh is at least 9 and his strength over 30, but he still should be relatively easy to defeat since his equipment is anything but impressive. The fugitive is armed with a sword and throwing daggers and the armor is the same as a villager's armor.

Completing the quest will have a penalty of -2 Relations with the village the fugitive is residing in. Report back to the lord and collect your reward, you can accept or decline. Accept will gain 300 denars while decline give you +3 Honor. Either choice will still give you extra +1 Relation with the lord. Ultimately, you will be given +2 Relation with the lord who give the quest.

However, you can fail the quest if you are defeated by the fugitive, you won't be given a second chance as the fugitive will escape by then. You will have to return to the lord to remove the quest from the quest log and given a penalty of -1 Relation. Giving the Relation with the lord to +0.

The target will be given a randomly-generated name formed from a pool of first names (Joayah, Rulkh, Taarl, etc.) and a second pool of labels (of Jelkala, Star-Eyed, the Tall, etc.) so it is quite unlikely you will ever be tasked with killing the same man twice.

If you have difficulty finding the fugitive, see the specific villages' articles for a map to his exact location.


Quest Briefing[]

I have something you could help with, an issue with the lawless villain known as (fugitive name). He murdered one of my men and has been on the run from his judgment ever since. I can't let him get away with avoiding justice, so I've put a bounty of 300 denars on his head. Friends of the murdered man reckon that this assassin may have taken refuge with his kinsmen at (village). You might be able to hunt him down and give him what he deserves, and claim the bounty for yourself.

Then I will hunt him down and execute the law.
That's excellent, (player). I will be grateful to you and so will the family of the man he murdered. And of course the bounty on his head will be yours if you can get him. Well, good hunting to you.
I am too busy to go after him at the moment. (Decline)

Encounter with Nervous Man[]

Nervous Man: "What do you want?"

Player: "I am looking for a murderer by the name of (fugitive). You fit his description.

Nervous Man: "I don't understand, sir. I never killed anyone. I think you're got the wrong man.

Player: "Then drop your sword. If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear. We'll go now and talk to your neighbours, and if they verify your story, I'll go on my way.

Nervous Man: "I'm not going anywhere, friend. You're going to have to fight for your silver, today."

No problem. I really just need your head, anyway. (Same Result)
I come not for money, but to execute the law! (Same Result)
Alas, that you cannot be made to see reason. (Same Result)
Die, dog!

Quest Complete[]

Player: "I found (fugitive) hiding at (village) and gave him his punishment."

Lord: "And we'll all be better off without him! Thank you, (player), for removing this long-festering thorn from my side. 'Tis good to know you can be trusted to handle things with an appropriate level of tactfulness. A bounty I promised, and a bounty you shall have. 300 denars and not a copper less!"

Let me take the money, sir. Thank you.
Of course, (player). Here you are. Once again, you've my thanks for ridding me of that dishonourable knave.
This is blood money. I can't accept it.
You are a man for whom justice is its own reward, eh? As you wish it, (player), as you wish it. An honourable sentiment, to be true. Regardless, you've my thanks for ridding me of that unpleasant fellow.

Quest Failure[]

A heavy blow from the fugitive sends you to the ground, and your vision spins and goes dark. Time passes. When you open your eyes again you find yourself battered and bloody, but luckily none of the wounds appear to be lethal.

"It is a sad day when that dishonourable knave manages to avoid the hand of justice yet again. I thought you would be able to do this, (player). Clearly I was wrong."