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Help the Don Cossacks is a quest unique to With Fire & Sword. It can be obtained by asking any lord of the Muscovite Tsardom for a special mission, but the player must not already be part of a faction.

This quest consists of two parts. Internally these are two separate quests that have the same name — though the second part is given immediately after the first part is complete — but this page will describe both quests for easy reading.

In the first part of the quest, the lord will inform the player that the Don Cossacks are planning a raid on the Crimean Tatars, and ask that the Tsar aid them with provisions, which the Tsar has already agreed to do. The player is then asked to speak with the Mayor of Moscow, showing him the deed and receiving the goods. The player will then be given 6 Iron, 5 Tools and 5 Linen, and expected to deliver these to Chief Naum Vasiliev. Only upon meeting him and delivering the items, does the player realize that these were not what the Chief wanted, but the player was only delivering what he/she was told to bring. Thus concludes the first part of the quest.

The second part of the quest now starts. Chief Naum Vasiliev informs the player that his men report a caravan that has set out from Krakov to Bakhchisaray and the player is tasked with capturing the caravan. Two Village Cossacks will be added to the player's party. The caravan's party consists of 1 Reiter, 1 Caravan Master, 2 Mercenary Musketeers, 6 Mercenary Pikemen and 10 Mercenary Horsemen. They should be intercepted and defeated, and the player will receive a random amount of thalers, 17 morale, a random amount of experience and 11 renown. The two Village Cossacks will now leave the player's party. The player should now report back to Chief Naum Vasiliev to complete the quest, gaining a further 650 thaler, 400 experience, +6 relations with the Muscovite Tsardom, and +15 relations with the Chief, but -5 relations with the Crimean Khanate.

If the caravan arrives in Bakhchisaray before player intervention, the player will be scolded by a Village Cossack, and the two of them will also leave the party, but there will be no penalties.



  • Noble: Have you heard? The Don Cossacks are planning a raid on the Crimean Tatars. They ask that our father, the Tsar, aid them with provisions. Our Tsar is a kind man, and has ordered the mayor of Moscow to send iron and equipment for the Don. Would you deliver this for us?
  • Player: Why not yourself?
  • Noble: If the Tsar's carts were to travel to the Don, the Tatars would at once know everything. They have spies everywhere. But you -- it is doubtful that you would draw their attention.
  • (Agree)
    • Player: Very well, I agree. Where should I head?
    • Noble: Make your way to Moscow, and speak with the mayor. Give him this deed, and he will provide you with everything you need. The provisions you are to be delivered to the Ataman, Naum Vasiliev. Now make haste! Time is short.
  • (Refuse)
    • Player: I must refuse. I have much other work to do.
    • Noble: Very well, I cannot force you.

Moscow Mayor[]

  • Player: Good day to you. I come to collect some supplies for Naum Vasiliev. Here is the deed...
  • Mayor: So, let us see... Signature, seal -- everything in place. All right, take this and sign here. And remember: if the Tatars should learn of these carts, they will cut you to ribbons.
  • Player: They may find me no easy mark. Show me these goods of yours.

Delivery to Chief Naum Vasiliev[]

  • Player: Here be the goods that the Tsar of Moscow gave you.
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: At last!
  • Player: Here, look.
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: But these are mere provisions. We asked for arms!
  • Player: I brought what I was told to bring. Take it, and let us part ways amicably.
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: Nay, this will not do! I care not how, but you must bring us pistols and sabers. A week I give you! No more.
  • Player: And what am I to do?
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: I have a plan. Men that I trust have reported that a cart laden with arms has recently set out to Bakhchisaray. You must capture it!
  • Player: And what if I fail?
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: You shall not fail, and to be sure of this, I shall give you two Cossacks.
  • Player: Well, I'll see what I can do. I shall try to catch that cart!
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: Good then. Take the lads and march out.

Intercepting the caravan[]

Village Cossack:

  • (Success) Ha! Our sabers cut them down quite nicely! And look at all our trophies! Well, I and my man will take the cart, and return to the Ataman. And to you I wish godspeed!
  • (Failure) Damn you! What have you done, you worthless fool? You've let the foe slip clear away. I shall go at once to the Ataman, and tell him of your incompetence...

Reporting back to Chief Naum Vasiliev[]

  • Player: I would like to talk about the carts...
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: On behalf of all the hosts of the Don, thank you for your faithful aid, Player. Oh, we shall meet the Tatars with a great battle. Here, you have well earned your reward.
  • Player: Thank you as well, Ataman. And now I shall depart.
  • Chief Naum Vasiliev: There is one more thing. I have received a report that the captive Tatar escaped. He saw you in the camp, and will no doubt tell his people that it was you who supplied us with our arms. I tell you this, that you will be wary and prepared for the Tatars' revenge.
  • Player: Thank you for the warning. Well, no one can stand in the way of one who walks the path of the righteous. Let us wish each other the best. Farewell!


Even if your inventory is not large enough to contain all the items that the mayor of Moscow will send you, you will still receive them and be able to deliver them and nothing will be lost.