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Hawaha is a village of the Sarranid Sultanate.

It is economically tied to Weyyah Castle and is usually one of the most looted villages.

If you enter battle near Hawaha, your army will spawn near a hill. Putting your archers on top of it and everything else on the bottom will allow you to win most fights, even when outnumbered.


Hawaha map.jpg
Pin Blue.png PlayerPin Green.png ElderPin Red.png Fugitive

Hawaha is built on flat areas within uneven terrain with clusters of palm trees all around. It has a total of six structures. There are five fields here, all growing wheat. Two stables house several coursers and hunters.

  • The Village Elder is in front of a building on the far right side of the village from where the player enters, standing next to a barrel.
  • If sent here during a Hunt Down Fugitive quest, the target may be found on the opposite side of the village from where the player enters, between a tree and pile of logs.
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