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Haen is a village of the Kingdom of Nords.


Haen map

• Player   • Elder   • Fugitive

The Village Elder is located on the far side of the village from where the player enters, in front of the last building to the left standing next to some empty baskets.

Haen is situated on a narrow strip of relatively flat land with a mountainous peak on one side and a valley with a brook at the bottom on the other. There is also fairly heavy tree coverage here. It has a total of six structures, one of which is tall and thin and may be a grain silo. There is also a small stone bridge crossing the stream. There are some fields here growing grapes and squash, while a couple other fields have been harvested and only stacks of hay or straw remain. Slightly to the right from where the player enters and up the hill behind the village, there is a small graveyard.

If sent here during a Hunt down fugitive quest, the target may be found on the other side of the building behind the Village Elder, standing next to a tree and a shed full of logs.

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