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Grain (or Wheat in classic Mount&Blade, With Fire & Sword, and Viking Conquest) is the most common and basic food source. Its high quantity, low weight, and even lower price make this food ideal in many stages of the game.

Grain is readily and cheaply available in almost all towns and villages, but some places (like Reyvadin) will sell it much cheaper than others (Bariyye, Tulga). Buying prices can be as low as 3 in villages, especially around Dhirim. The grain may then be sold for up to 50 in nearby towns, making this process a low-risk way of getting a few hundred denars.

The productive enterprise option can be used to buy either a mill or a bakery that produces bread from grain at a one-to-one ratio, or to buy a brewery that produces two barrels of ale per one sack of grain. This may boost your profit temporarily depending on how many sacks of grain you use. ( A mill requires 6 sacks of grain each week and has a profit margin of 4.6%. A brewery requires 1 sack of grain each week and has a profit margin of 6.4%.)

The ability to have two types of productive enterprise come from grain, and that it is produced in nearly every village and town, makes this item incredibly valuable for money making. Any towns without bread or grain will yield a lot of money for the player if they start an enterprise based on grain. Ale and bread have different values from place to place, so beware of which enterprise is chosen in a city before starting to ensure maximum profit.

As with any food, grain is used to feed one's army or other lords during feasts. The Bring wheat to (village) quest is sometimes available from Village Elders, and it involves bringing the village a certain amount of grain/wheat.

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