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Follow Spy is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction. You must have at least one companion that is level 15+ in your party.


(Lord) asked you to follow the spy that will leave (town). Be careful not to let the spy see you on the way, or he may gat suspicious and turn back. Once the spy meets with his accomplice, you are to capture them and bring them back to (Lord).


You will be asked to follow a spy who is trying to meet with his accomplices and, preferably, capture them both. Capturing only one of them will complete the mission, but anger the person who gave you the quest. Capturing the spy only will negate the relation you earn for accepting the quest, while taking the facilitator, but not the spy, will still net a small reputation increase.

Be advised, the spy leaves immediately! The moment you leave town he'll be there and receive a head start. If you manage to find him before he meets up with the facilitator, you'll need to keep your distance to complete the mission successfully. You should have a decent Tracking skill to do this. Players with a large army are also advised to have good Path-finding skill in order be able to reach the scene on time before the facilitator and spy end the meeting and split up (The spy has a travelling speed of 6.1). In order to capture the targets, they will need to be knocked unconscious and taken as Prisoners. This means you will need blunt weapons and at least one point in Prisoner Management.

It takes 50 days to appear again.


I have good information that a man in this very town is actually an enemy spy. He should be seized and hanged for his impudence, but we also believe that very soon he will leave town to meet with his master, the man to whom the spy feeds all his little whispers. The spy himself is of little import, but the master is a dangerous man, and could tell us a great deal if we could only get our hands on him...

I want you to wait here until the spy leaves town. Then you must follow him, stealthily, to the meeting place. You must take absolute care not to be seen by the spy on the way, else he may suspect foul play and turn back. When the master appears, you must ambush and arrest them and bring the pair back to me. Alive, if you please.

I'll do it, sir.
Good, I'm sure you'll do a fine job of it. One of my men will point the spy out to you when he leaves, so you will know the man to follow. Remember, I want them both, and I want them alive.
No, this skulking is not for me.

Encounter Spy[]

Spy: "Good day sir. Such fine weather don't you think? If you'll excuse me now I must go on my way."

Player: "In the name of (lord), you are under arrest!"

Spy: "You won't get me alive!"

Quest Complete[]

Capturing Spy Only[]

Lord: "Blast and damn you! I wanted TWO prisoners, (player) -- what you've brought me is one step short of useless! I already know everything the spy knows, it was the handler I was after. Here, half a job gets you half a reward. Take it and begone."

Player: "I did my best, sir."

Quest Failure[]

Lord: "Truly, (player), you are nothing short of totally incompetent. Failing to capture both spy AND the handler plumbs astonishing new depths of failure. Forget any reward I offered you. You done nothing to earn it."

Player: "Hrm. As you like, sir."