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There are eight major factions, and several minor factions of each kingdom in Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord that comprise the powers of Calradia.

Each minor faction is associated with a native culture and employ unique troops. They are clans and not kingdoms, and as such, are free to change faction allegiance like any other clan. At this point in development, they function as mercenary bands competing with the player's clan, unless or until the player establishes a kingdom or joins one as a noble. As a kingdom leader, the player may enlist these minor factions as mercenaries. Use the in-game encyclopedia ('N' by default) to determine which faction they currently associate with.

Banner Name Color Ruler Clans Capital Minor Factions
Aserai #B57A1E Sultan Unqid Banu Hulyan, Banu Sarran, Banu Qild, Banu Arbas, Banu Atji, Banu Sarmal, Banu Habbab Quyaz Jawwal, Ghilman, Beni Zilal
Battania #284E19 King Caladog fen Gruffendoc, fen Derngil, fen Uvain, fen Urial, fen Guvain, fen Eingal, fen Morcar, fen Penraic Marunath Wolfskins
Khuzait #429081 Monchug Khan Urkhunait, Arkit, Baltirs, Harfit, Khergit, Koltit, Tigrit, Yanserit Makeb Karakhergit
Northern Empire.jpg
Northern Empire #793191 Emperor Lucon Osticos, Neretzes, Argoros, Impestores, Dolentor, Chonis, Phalentes Diathma Hidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the Betrayed, Eleftheroi
Southern Empire.jpg
Southern Empire #382188 Empress Rhagaea Pethros, Leonipardes, Mestricaros, Hongeros, Julios, Vizartos, Avlonos, Prienicos Lycaron Hidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the Betrayed, Eleftheroi
Sturgia #224277 Prince Raganvad Gundaroving, Vagiroving, Ormidoving, Vezhoving, Togaroving, Isyaroving, Ubroving, Kuloving, Kostoroving Balgard Skolderbrotva, Forest People, Lake Rats
Vlandia #8D291A King Derthert dey Meroc, dey Tihr, dey Arromanc, dey Fortes, dey Gunric, dey Cortain, dey Valant, dey Molarn, dey Jelind, dey Folcun Galend Brotherhood of the Woods, Company of the Golden Boar
Western Empire.jpg
Western Empire #591645 Emperor Garios Comnos, Varros, Elaches, Dionicos, Lonalion, Sorados, Corenios, Maneolis, Onsos, Capulos Jalmarys Hidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the Betrayed, Eleftheroi

The Bannerlord map as of Gamescon 2018

Classic/Warband Factions
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Napoleonic Wars Nations
AustriaFrancePrussiaRheinbundRussiaUnited Kingdom
Viking Conquest Factions
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Bannerlord Factions
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Minor Factions
Beni ZilalBrotherhood of the WoodsCompany of the Golden BoarEleftheroi
Embers of the FlameForest PeopleGhilmanHidden HandJawwalKarakhergit
Lake RatsLegion of the BetrayedSkolderbrotvaWolfskins