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Durquba is a town of the Sarranid Sultanate and is initially owned by Emir Uqais.


Its villages are Sekhtem and Tamnuh.


Durquba map.jpg

Pin Yellow.png  Accessible area 
Pin Blue.png  Player
Pin Green.png  Guild Master
Pin Cyan.png  Keep
Pin Red.png  Dungeon
Pin Orange.png  Tavern
Pin Purple.png  Merchants
Pin Pink.png  Arena

The Guild Master for Durquba is located behind the player and up several flights of stairs when 'Take a walk around the streets' is selected. The quickest way to reach him is to go to the castle, then exit via the door instead of the tab key, go down the flight of stairs, then turn right. The Guild Master is then right in front of the player.


Siege assaults on Durquba requires construction of a ladder. The ladder will be on the right side of the gate (from the attackers point of view). 

There is also a destructible door, which the player can break through to get behind the enemies, on the left side of the ladder, close to the edge of the playable area. Other soldiers can't use this entrance because they lack the ability to jump a 1 feet ledge.


If you take part in a Tournament in Durquba, you can be given any of the following sets of equipment:

  • Javelins & Shield
  • Lance & Shield
  • Sword & Shield
  • Heavy Sword
  • Bow & Arrows, Dagger

All characters start with a Horse, Turban, Arena Tunic, and Hide Boots.

Not all contestants are on horse back


Guild Master location.

Durquba produces:

Durquba buys Iron at a high price.

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