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The Courser is the fastest horse in the game. Speed comes at a cost of the poor armor and hit-points, but if you are a horse archer, this may be the horse for you. Due to the speed of this horse relative to its maneuverability, combat in cluttered conditions or near the edge of the map should be avoided as often as possible unless the rider is particularly attentive to the situation and surroundings.

The accuracy of your shots with all ranged weapons is impacted by the speed that you are traveling until your horse archery skill and weapon proficiency have been raised to an appropriately high level. As a result, despite its relatively low cost, using a courser too soon may not be advised.

Coursers are particularly useful when pursuing other cavalry, their high speed preventing the enemy's escape. In groups, riders can quickly cut off and surround their targets and perform the cavalry equivalent of swarming their target for a brutal beat-down from all sides while their horses keep the enemy from simply trampling over them.

The highest possible amount of couched lance damage can be dealt with this horse. Though using it for that purpose is gross overkill, as well as very unsafe with such a light horse, this can be an effective way to eliminate hostile riders from the field should the need arise. Also, results may not be as impressive as expected, since damage per hit is capped at 500 minus armor (a death sentence for any target unless horse or shield takes the hit), meaning more armored horses may reach the limit under the right conditions anyway.

This horse can be found in any town in Calradia.


Horse Armor Speed Maneuver Charge Hit Points Riding Base Value
12 50 44 12 110 2 600